Headwaters 2023 Renewal Scholarship Application is closed.
The application will reopen in December 2023/January 2024.

Headwaters administers several scholarship and award funds, which were typically overseen by the Headwaters Next Step Program before it evolved into the Profile of a Graduate Program. Now, Headwaters staff, in conjunction with the Profile of a Graduate Coordinator and a volunteer Scholarship Committee, oversee this important process. The deadline for scholarships and renewal scholarships is early spring. Exact dates are announced through Rappahannock County Public Schools and the Headwaters website.

Headwaters is proud to award the following scholarships and awards to local students:

Emily Jane Hilscher Passion Award

Given to an exceptionally passionate, creative, spirited young person who lives in Rappahannock County. This can go to a graduating high school senior or a young person that wants to pursue a unique educational opportunity (camp, conference, etc.) to further their passion. This award is by nomination only.

Flanagan Scholarship Award

Goes to two motivated RCHS seniors who have shown the greatest level of improvement in the final months at RCHS. This award is by nomination only.

Gladys Reid Bowie/Grace Bradley Reid Memorial Scholarship

RCHS Senior going on to college or technical school who exemplifies the qualities of hard work and care and compassion for others.

Graham Hackley Scholarship

Given in memory of the late E. Graham Hackley, beloved owner of Hackley’s Store in Amissville. It goes to seniors with financial need going to a four-year college. Preference is given to those with volunteer involvement, a strong work ethic, and an intent to major in business, veterinary science, environmental science, or agriculture. Preference to RCHS senior, but all may apply.

Headwaters Outstanding Achievement Award

Goes to outstanding graduates of RCHS who are pursuing post-secondary education and have financial need.

Jane Bowling-Wilson Leadership Award

Goes to an exceptional RCHS senior with a record of leadership, volunteerism, and community service that is enrolling in higher education.

Jeff MacNelly Art Award

Given in memory of former Rappahannock resident and three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Jeff MacNelly. It goes to a graduating high school senior at RCHS that is passionate about art in some form – drawing, cartooning, dancing, photography, writing, woodworking, welding, etc. Students must plan to attend a 2-year, 4-year, trade school, or training/certification program.

Joseph Horning Scholarship

Goes to an African-American senior at RCHS planning to attend a two- or four-year college.

Larry and Kathleen Grove Scholarship

Goes to a senior at RCHS with financial need enrolling in a four-year college. Preference is given to those pursuing a career in education.

Liz Tole Educational Excellence Award

Given in memory of the late Liz Tole, former extraordinary volunteer at RCES. It is presented to a deserving RCES staff member who exhibits the traits of kindness, generosity, honesty, and commitment.

Lykes/Darden Scholarship

Awarded to an RCHS senior enrolling in an accredited postsecondary institution. Preference is given to those with greatest need, first-generation students, and those pursuing an education in journalism, photography, architecture, design, or the arts.

Rappahannock Association for Arts and Community (RAAC) Scholarship

Provides support to an RCHS senior who demonstrates interest in pursuing a career or advanced study in the arts, including fine arts, drama, music, film, writing & literature, dance & movement.

Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection (RLEP) Scholarship

This award provides support to one or more high school graduates in Rappahannock County and/or recent graduates who demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career or advanced study related to environmental protection, natural resource conservation, environmental technology, or earth science. The potential areas of study include, but are not limited to, Environmental Science and Engineering, Biochemistry, Meteorology, Hydrology, Geology, Food Science, and Alternative Energy. Suitable candidates may be attending or planning to attend an accredited 2-year school, 4-year school, trade/technical school, or certification program.

Rappahannock County Garden Club Scholarship

Goes to a senior at RCHS with need, attending a two-year college.

RPM Scholarship

Given in memory of a former Rappahannock County resident who struggled to afford college. This award is given to an RCHS senior enrolling in a two or four-year college or technical school. Preference is given to students with financial need who are the first in their family to attend college.