Rappahannock Schools Introduce New Snowboarding and Ski Club

By: Ava Genho, Headwaters Rapp Writing Intern

Rappahannock County Public Schools (RCPS) have recently introduced a new snowboarding and skiing club that is open to elementary and high school students. The new program runs for six weeks with students leaving the school at 3:00 p.m. every Friday afternoon for Bryce Resort in Basye. There, they have the options of skiing, snowboarding or tubing.

The new program was started by Shauna Volmrich, who is the mother of two RCPS students. I reached out to her to see where her interest in starting the skiing and snowboarding club came from.

“Growing up, I learned to ski by attending ski club. It was such a great experience,” she said. “It not only provided a great environment to learn something new but also a way to experience independence and freedom with my friends. I wanted to give that to my kids and thought other Rappahannock families may want that too.”

Skiing and snowboarding are often too expensive and time-consuming for kids to participate in. Many families in Rappahannock County do not have the time, money, or experience to help their kids with these specific sports. However, with the support of interested parents, students, and local scholarships from Headwaters, the program was able to happen.

This club provides students an opportunity to practice or learn skiing and snowboarding at an affordable price and create lifelong memories with their friends. The club was previously not able to get off the ground due to lack of transportation and COVID-19, however, this year with  lots of interest from students and parents, the school was able to make it happen. All the spots  quickly filled up and many parents volunteered to chaperone. There are currently 39 students in  the club with seven chaperones assisting.

Upon arrival at Bryce Resort every Friday afternoon around 4:30 p.m, students immediately change into their ski/snowboarding gear and hit the slopes. Instructors are on hand to assist and teach students the basics of skiing and snowboarding. In the evening, dinner is offered at the resort or students can bring their own food. Skiing and snowboarding activities continue into the night under lighted slopes. By 8:30 p.m., the club departs Bryce Resort for the hour and fifteen-minute trip back to school.

Senior Liza Dareing is one of the few students at RCPS who has experienced snowboarding in different parts of the country, however, she stated that she has already learned many new skills that she did not know beforehand. “I think the new skiing and snowboarding club is a great opportunity here for the students at RCPS,” she said. “I’m having lots of fun and am super excited to continue with it.” 

This new club starts a first here at RCPS. In fact, Rappahannock is one of the only schools in the area with a club like this. This new and unique club gives students the opportunity to put down their cell phones and hit the fresh powder while making long-lasting memories with their friends.

Published by Luke Ellis, Headwaters’ Rapp Writing Intern
Re-published by Rappahannock News