A Snow Day Through the Eyes of Rappahannock Students

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By: Ava Genho, Headwaters Rapp Writing Intern

What do white crayons in the freezer, spoons under your pillow, ice cubes flushed down the toilet, and inside out pajamas all have in common? For students at Rappahannock County Public Schools, these are just a few little rituals used to coax snow days into existence. Their efforts have already paid off with a few big snows this year. 

Below are photos showing a snow day through the eyes of an RCPS student. From sledding with siblings to staying warm in a power outage, the children of our county made wintery memories in the recent winter storms. Hopefully these pictures will remind Rappahannock readers of childhood days when, instead of plowing and cold work, snow meant a day full of magic and fun with your friends.

Link to full article with photos: https://www.rappnews.com/opinion/comment/commentary-a-snow-day-through-the-eyes-of-rappahannock-students/article_43bc054c-7dfc-11ec-973f-1b2f7ce376ad.html