Kaitlyn Haney, Summer Chorus Program Coordinator

Kaitlyn moved to Rappahannock County from Maryland after falling in love with the scenery and tight knit community. Shortly after moving, she joined Headwaters in 2016 as part of the After-School Enrichment Program team. Since then she has stepped in to lead the arts and crafts enrichment group and joined the Summer Chorus Camp team in 2018. Kaitlyn loves giving children the tools to explore their creativity and learn to express themselves. After high school, she attended Montgomery College where she studied Mental Health and Human Services. In addition to Headwaters, Kaitlyn has worked and volunteered for several Rappahannock businesses and organizations including Rappahannock County Elementary School, RappCats shelter, and Foothills Forum. She serves as a Program Coordinator for the Jüdische Kulturbund’s pilot program Girls Share Stories which connects students in the U.S., Sweden, South Sudan, and Kenya to promote peace and healing through storytelling. In her freetime, Kaitlyn can be found surrounded by books, working on freelance photography or personal art projects, or enjoying Rappahannock nature. She is a failed foster parent to a former shelter cat, Angus.