Educational Enrichment Grants

In 1997, Headwaters awarded the first mini-grant to Kindergarten teacher Marti Cannon for the purchase of wooden building blocks that would enable her students to explore spatial relationships. Twenty-One years later, the blocks are still in use (another teacher inherited them when Marti retired in 2005), and Headwaters has awarded over $125,000 in grants for items as diverse as lab equipment, palm pilots, GPS units, classroom library books, field trips, musical instruments, and CPR training.
In 2015 Mini-Grants combined with the Curriculum Enrichment Program, and Educational Enrichment Grants were born. Joining these programs increases efficiency of funding to RCPS applicants, solicitations to the community, and communication among stakeholders. Education Enrichment Grants support RCPS teachers as they enhance instruction with creative new teaching methods, cutting-edge technology, and even tried and true equipment that might not be part of the current school budget. Preference is given to requests that serve larger numbers of children and that will be used year after year. It’s a good idea to contact Headwaters before filling out the application, to make sure an Education Enrichment Grant is right for your project.  Applications for Education Enrichment Grants must be approved by the school principal before submitting to Headwaters.



Click here to download the Educational Enrichment Grant Application