READ, which began in 2012, is a cooperative effort between the Rappahannock County Elementary School and Headwaters. It is a community program that provides on-site tutoring to Rappahannock County grade school students, with a primary focus on reading skills. More than 20 READ volunteers have worked with more than 70 students in the last three years.



To assist primary level students who are at risk in reading and to enable these students to reach and/or exceed grade level standards; to focus on making positive connections with below-benchmark readers in order to promote reading and learning.


How It Works

Tutors work with designated students in a structured environment and meet two times a week with the same student for the entire school year. Supported with targeted curriculum, guidance, training and the presence of other tutors, each mentoring tutor works with one or two children, allowing for the natural development of a respectful one-on-one relationship. The READ Program coordinator participates in each tutoring session, to communicate the curriculum goals and teacher expectations and to ensure that each tutoring pair is adequately prepared for the session.  The tutoring schedule typically begins in September and concludes in early May, with one-hour sessions held twice weekly.


Who Can Be A Mentoring Tutor?

If you are an adult, willing to commit one hour per week for a school year, and open to sharing time and interests with a young struggling reader, you could join other dedicated community citizens working to ensure that all children have an opportunity to be successful and accomplished readers.  We will train you, support you throughout your tutoring, and guarantee that you will be positively affected by the experience.