Adopted by the Board of Directors of the Headwaters Foundation to support its mission “to foster educational excellence in Rappahannock County by cultivating the cooperative spirit and resources of the whole community to benefit students.”


Goal 1


“Continue to build and strengthen a collaborative partnership with the Rappahannock County Public School community.”

 Strategies supporting goal:

  •  Define and understand what “Profile of a Graduate” means, and how Headwaters might support its implementation and goals
  • As appropriate, have Board members attend School Board and Board of Supervisors meetings
  • As appropriate, continue to have Board representation at various RCPS community gatherings
  • Explore ways to engage more of the RCPS community with Headwaters
  • Continue and increase recognition/appreciation activities with RCPS teachers/staff
  • Increase opportunities to engage Superintendent and School Board representatives in substantive exploratory discussion

Goal 2


“Promote the fulfillment of Headwaters purpose by collaborating with local organizations and other interested individuals.”

 Strategies supporting goal:

  •  Identify and monitor local groups and interested individuals with whom Headwaters might more fully collaborate, e.g., other schools, home schoolers, program sponsors
  • Select local organizations and individuals to pursue more intentionally to increase collaboration
  • Find ways to bring other organizations and individuals into a conversation regarding shared purposes and goals


Goal 3


“Develop a communication plan and a fund-raising plan to promote the purposes and accomplishments of Headwaters.”

Strategies supporting goal:


  • Support creation of a “common calendar” for Rappahannock County
  • Develop a communication plan
  • Develop a fund-raising plan
  • Broaden and expand communications methods and products, e.g., a quarterly newsletter, articles in the Rapp News and other media outlets, use of RCPS “Tuesday Folders” and other resources, web page, social and digital media, etc.

Goal 4

 “Review programs and activities and evaluate effectiveness in promoting Headwaters purposes based on measurable criteria.”

 Strategies supporting goal:

  • Programs and activities to be reviewed and evaluated include the following: Scholarship Program, EEG, READ, Starfish, Next Step/Family Financial Education Coordinator, After School, TOR, Summer Chorus, Romp & Ride
  • Develop an evaluation plan for specific programs, projects and activities, establishing measurable criteria for each
  • Review reserve fund policy—especially, how the fund should be used to support Headwaters programs, projects and activities
  • Based on review and evaluation of existing programs, projects and activities, identify unmet needs and possible new programs, projects and activities