Executive Director Job Description  


Position:  Executive Director


Reports to:  Headwaters Board of Directors

Please send your  résumé to Brooke Lange at info@headwatersfdn.org or feel free to mail to Headwaters, PO Box 368, Washington, VA 22747. 

Position Summary


The Headwaters Executive Director is responsible for the overall administration and management of the organization, focusing primarily on managing fundraising, program oversight, day-to-day operations, business operations, and policy implementation,.  Within those priority areas, responsibilities include development and fundraising, supervision of programs, personnel and fiscal management, Board development and relations, Board and program committee relations, policy formation and implementation, strategic planning, and community and public relations.




Development and Fundraising:

  • With the assistance of the full Board and staff, raise funds from outside sources
  • Oversee and coordinate all development and fundraising efforts
  • Organize and manage the major Headwaters fundraiser, the Taste of Rappahannock



  • Oversee all programs, services and activities to ensure the program objectives are being met and that budgets are being adhered to
  • Provide information for evaluation of all Headwaters programs
  • Ensure compliance with funding sources and regulatory requirements


Staff and Administration:

  • Hire, supervise, and evaluate all staff members
  • Administer board approved personnel policies
  • Manage the Headwaters Office, ensuring efficient and smooth-running operations



  • With the assistance of the Treasurer, prepare an annual budget and submit it to the Board for approval
  • Interface with the accountant as necessary
  • Monitor annual and other budgets
  • Ensure effective audit trails

Board Development and Relations:

  • Work closely with the Board development committee as the committee identifies, recruits, and orients new board members and continuously develop Board members
  • Cultivate and maintain a strong balanced relationship with each Board member
  • Maintain a strong relationship with the Board Chair
  • With the Board Chair, plan the agenda and develop background materials for the regular Board meetings
  • Ensure that Board members are current with programs and issues that are of interest to the organization
  • Attend all board meetings and participate in board meeting discussions
  • Participate in the annual retreat
  • Support the Board development committee in administering an annual Board self-assessment


Board and Program Committee Relations:

  • Attend committee meetings as appropriate and take part in meeting discussions as needed
  • Support the work of all committees
  • Receive and review all committee reports, and distribute to the full Board for their review


Policy Formation and Implementation:

  • Provide the Board with information to help it reach sound decisions and establish policies
  • Supervise the implementation of all Board policies


Strategic Planning:

  • Work with the Board to develop organizational goals and objectives consistent with the Headwaters mission
  • Work with the Board on the organization’s long-range strategic plan 
  • Work with the Board to set short-range objectives to meet the goals of the long-range plan


Public and Community Relations:

  • Serve as chief liaison with other community organizations, individuals and the public
  • Nurture a strong relationship with the Superintendent, School Board, and staff and families of the Rappahannock County Public Schools
  • Coordinate and monitor Headwaters representation by other staff and program chairs
  • Provide on-going educational opportunities for the Board of Directors so that all members can effectively promote Headwaters and its programs
  • Promote a visible positive image of Headwaters in the community through good public relations