After-School Enrichment

The After-School Enrichment Program (ASEP)involves multiple age groups from the elementary and high school, volunteers, teachers, and 4-H and community leaders. Launched at Rappahannock County Elementary School in 2011, ASEP offers our county children healthy and diverse opportunities for social, educational and emotional development outside the traditional school day. The program supports and enhances the student’s academic development and provides a leadership approach to teaching and learning based on hands-on, experiential methods.



The After-School Enrichment Program strives to improve social opportunities and skills, team-building, homework habits, and classroom performance and to ignite imagination and love of learning while providing a safe, healthy alternative for after-school time.


What We Do

The After-School Program serves grades 2-7 and meets twice a week in six-week sessions. Typically there are 3-4 sessions of After-School  during the school year and enrichment sessions for a month during the summer for summer school students. Our schedule includes a nutritious snack, outdoor activity time with a focus on improving physical fitness, tutoring and homework help, and an enrichment activity. Enrichment activities include exposure to STEM in First Lego® League Robotics and Lego® Simple Machines as well as activities in basketball, tennis, videography, arts and crafts, dance, drama, and science. The program is focused on giving children the extra attention and opportunity to develop confidence and successful homework routines, as well as offer an area of enrichment that is not available in the school day. Each session concludes with a small presentation for parents and friends. Teen Mentors assist with all aspects of the program and gain community service hours as well as experience in leadership. Volunteers, professionals and teachers lead our activities.



The After-School Enrichment Program is supported by Headwaters, its many generous donors, and local and national foundations.


Community and Fun

The After-School Enrichment Program defines the very best of what can happen when community comes together to fill a need. Rappahannock has no middle school, no county recreation department, no public transportation and few organized after-school activities, other than athletics, for local youth and 4-H. With the combined efforts of the schools, our 4-H, and Headwaters and its many enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers, we are creating new opportunities for our children.